• Welcome

    Hello and Welcome to my website, my name is Marie.

    I actually live in France, but I was born in England ( Newmarket - Suffolk ), so I can speak fluently English and French, I decided fiew weeks ago to create my website about horses so I started with a blog called Equitalent where I share a lot of articles, links and a lot of stuff about horses !

    After I have created my blog about my training sessions, how I work with horses etc. but it was in French so I decided to makes it in english aswell to share with a bigger community my passions for horses and how I work with them.

    I started horse ride fiew years ago, and now I have a good level on horse riding ! ^^ I'm going to pass my BHS Stage 2, well the equivalent in France "Galop 5" and in September, i'll go in a proper school for horses.

    Hope you'll like my blog.

    And Thx for your reading !