• 5th of June 2014

    In the morning I took up a mare which is called Nona, she is 9 years old and it is pure breed Spanish mare. After her grooming, In the first place, I made her walk for about 10 minutes after we started to trot, she was very attentive, but she tried fiew times to accelarate ! After we cantered, she was leaning on her bit and I did'nt liked the way she was working so I passed her back into trot fiew type to have more contact with her bit. She have very extented paces, and very nice gaits ! When we cantered again she was more attentive, and she gived slowly and after fiew minutes of hard-working she was low, deep and round has I wanted her to be !

    After I jumped 3 times littles cavalettis to try her in jumping, and she was a totaly different horse, she was landing on the right leg, when she was comming into the fence she was at full canter, she was highly-stung !

    But it still was a very good session !

    In the afternoon, I have riden two ponies "Noisette" and "Galium" I jumped with both of them They where very good ! ^^


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